3D & Illuminated Signs

Get the Best Illuminated Signs in Adelaide

As you already know what kind of importance the font of your logo assumes especially with respect to the brand awareness your business manages to achieve, you should try and make your shop sign as prominent and appealing as possible. So, if you want your business to stand out in the crowd and grab the attention of potential and existing customers, you must opt for our high-quality illuminated signs in Adelaide.

Illuminated signs are an effective solution both indoors and outdoors to make sure your business stands out from the crowd, particularly in busy areas where you are competing for advertising attention or in areas that have decent traffic flow at night. A successful illuminated signage solution not only requires a captivating design and message, but needs strategic placement to capture the potential passing market.


Options for Illuminated Signs

There are many options for illuminated signs but modern low voltage LED lighting is industry leading and has all but replaced neon, which is relatively outdated technology, for backlit illuminated signs, fabricated letters and logos.

Illuminated signs are usually lit from inside. This includes translucent individual letters and faces, or can also be the entire sign – including the letters or logo. There are also what is referred to as halo lit letters, which is where the light spills out the rear of the letters or logo.

The simplest form of internally illuminated sign is the light box, where fluorescent or led lights illuminate a translucent face or faces. Light boxes can also be slimline which are edge lit by fluorescent tubes or LEDs. Signs can also be externally illuminated by a range of high efficiency light sources.

So, quickly come down to our showroom today or get in touch with us soon to explore some of the fascinating illuminated signs in Adelaide.

Ask an expert!

Our signage experts can consult with you on the best options and positioning for your illuminated signs. We work collaboratively with you to create effective signage to suit your budget, brand and environment. Whether it be a large illuminated roof-top sign, a shopping centre light-box, or a shopfront sign; the increased exposure from illuminated signage will well and truly pay off in both building your brand and enticing customers to engage your service.