Safety Signs

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Safety Signs are a very important part of any facility, as it gives you a certain amount of control over an area, whether it’s to ensure the safety of people who enter the area by using Warning Signs to alert them of possible hazards, or by using Danger Signs or Hazard Signs to prevent unauthorised people from accessing restricted places, or simply just to deter people from activities that could affect other people in the area, like No Smoking Signs were meant to do.

At Signarama, you can choose from a wide range of premade safety signs that are ready to be installed, but we also offer users the ability to customise the safety signs so that your signs will fit your specific needs.

We also offer discounts for bulk orders, in case your facility requires more than one sign. All of the items sold at Signarama are compliant with the Australian Standard 1319-1994: Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment.

Safety signs need to be clear, well displayed, and conform to applicable regulations.

For a compressive list of workplace health and safety requirements contact us.