Do you have ‘signs that sell’? There are many components that make a good sign which include simple elements such as size and type as well as more complex considerations such as design and location

To help us determine the right sign for you, first you need to answer some of these important questions:

  • What is the primary message you want to communicate?
  • Is the sign going to be permanent or temporary?
  • Will it be an indoor sign or outdoor sign?
  • Will it be applied to an existing surface or a product supplied by Signarama Salisbury?
  • Where will the sign be viewed from?
  • Do you have specific colours that need to be matched?
  • Do you have artwork or do you want Signarama Salisbury to create it?
  • Is the sign to be illuminated? If so, internally or externally? Is there an existing lightbox or neon sign? Is power available for the sign?
  • Are you going to install it or will you get Signarama to do this for you?

By answering these questions, Signarama Salisbury will be able to make specific recommendations to meet your requirements.